6 Simple Ways To Cut 250 Calories Per Day

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Cutting calories and losing weight isn't as hard as it sounds. Follow these super simple solutions to cutting calories.

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Stop Drinking Soda
Did you know that a can of soda usually has 150 or more calories in it? Many people can drink several cans per day. Kick the soda habit and you could save hundreds of calories per day. Added bonus: you won't be stuffing all that nasty high fructose corn syrup down your gullet.

Don't Eat In Front Of TV
Studies have shown that eating in front of a TV can lead to more food consumption. We also tend to eat more junk food while watching TV. Skip the TV and eat at your dining room table.

Use Smaller Plates
It sounds silly, but using a smaller plate means you'll put less on your plate. Less on your plate means less in your mouth. Try a 10 inch plate instead of a 12 inch plate and you could cut 250 to 500 calories per day.

Practice Hara Hachi Bu
Hara Hachi Bu? Gazoontite! This is the practice of eating until you're 80% full rather than full or stuffed. It takes your stomach time to process what you eat and realize it's full. So eat 80% of a normal meal and then stop. Wait 30 minutes and you should be plenty full and saved many calories. Read more about Hara Hachi Bu.

Watch The Pasta
Pasta is delicious. It's also full of calories. An average reccomended serving of pasta will contain over 200 calories (that's before sauces). But it's easy to eat more than one serving. Go to a restaurant and you might be staring at several servings on your plate. Cut back on the pasta and save hundreds of calories.

Count Those Chips
Ever dive into a bag of chips and plow through half of it without thinking? Go look a the serving size for those chips. You read it correctly. The serving size is probably around 15-20 chips. Nowhere near the 50 you just ate. From now on, count the chips that go in your mouth and stick to the serving size.