Bleach Making You Sick? Study Says Yes!

Bleach Making You Sick? Study Says Yes!
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It's no secret that bleach is a nasty chemical, but is it hurting your kids?

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We all know that bleach is great at making whites whiter (even if it also deteriorates fabrics). We also know that bleach is a great way for killing bacteria and sanitizing your house. But could it also be making your kids sick?

A study published in the journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine seems to suggest that! Scary. So let's look at the study in detail and see what they found out.

The study looked at over 9,000 kids between the ages of 6 and 12 from Spain and Finland. Through a survey, they would check the frequency of infections compared to the use of bleach.

Why Spain and Finland? In Spain, using bleach is common with around 72% of households using it. By contrast, only 7% of Finland households use bleach. This gives a look into both sides of the spectrum.

They found that infections were higher among children of bleach users. It's thought that passive exposure to bleach can increase the risk of respiratory and other infections.

Bottom line? Bleach is nasty stuff. Pretty sure we all know that. We've been trying to go as chemical free as possible in our own home. Reading studies like this just further affirm what should be common sense: go chemical free for a healthier life.