Dr Bronner's Sal Suds

Some would say this is a miracle product.

• Eco Friendly: Review

Full Description
Dr Bronner's Sal Suds is an amazing product. It has so many uses around the house including dishes, general cleaning, laundry, cleaning floors, and so much more!

Dr Bronner's Sal Suds is made from natural products, is never tested on animals, cleans better than most commercial products with harsh chemicals, and is still gentle on your skin.

It only takes a few drops to clean a sink full of dishes. I add it to my all purpose cleaner to give it that extra boost. Plus a 16oz bottle lasts about a year here in my house and I use it all the time!

It has a slight pine scent as it has natural fir needle and spruce essential oils in it, but the smell is light and not overwhelming. What ever you make you can scent it with essential oils of your choice.
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