Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Conditioner

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This homemade conditioner is easy to make, super cheap, and works better than most commercial conditioners.

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I have tried many eco / green hair conditioners in the past and never really liked any of them. I have fine hair and many conditioners make my hair feel weighed down without helping the tangles.

ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) conditioner works wonders with tangles. It leaves my hair feeling silky without being weighed down. The bonus being that it is incredibly cheap to make!

It does smell, but the smell goes away once your hair is dry. I add orange essential oil to mine. But you can add any scent you like.

1 part Apple Cider Vinegar
10 parts water
10 to 15 drops essential oil

Mix all ingredients in a bottle and shake. It should keep for at least two weeks in the bathroom. I use about four ounces on my below should length hair. Make sure to shake it right before using. Try the Homemade Coconut Oil Shampoo before this.