Five Characteristics Of A Successful Indiegogo Campaign

Five Characteristics Of A Successful IndieGoGo Campaign
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Five tips and tricks for a more successful IndieGoGo campaign for your business.

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IndieGoGo is one of the most popular fundraising sites on the Internet. It's become particularly popular among registered non-profit organizations because it provides a 25-percent discount on platform fees for both 501(c)(3) organizations and any person fundraising on behalf of those organizations. With that in mind, there are certain important tips that you need to keep in mind if you are going to create a campaign on the website. The possibilities are huge, but without a specific plan of action, you and your organization may have trouble competing with the myriad other non-profits that are using the site.

Promotional Videos Produce Better Results

IndieGoGo's own literature paints an important picture of just how important promotional videos are to the average campaign on the site. According to them, those campaigns that include video content do much better than campaigns that only feature images. With a video, you have an opportunity to do two important things. For one, you can tell the story of your organization in a way that's both creative and lively. Perhaps more importantly, you can bring a stamp of legitimacy to your organization. Videos suggest a professionalism and polish that will help you attract donors.

Testimonials And Personal Stories Are A Draw

Some of the best campaigns feature the personal stories of people who have been helped or enlightened by a given cause. In one case, a man raising money for a nationwide homeless sign buying trip included interviews with people who had seen their perspectives change because of his previous work. These are the types of stories that let the viewer know that you will accomplish something personal and important. Don't just tell the story of your organization in a dry way. Find a human conduit for that story in order to give your audience something important to cling to.

Great Creative With Campaign Incentives

One of the unique things about crowdfunding sites like IndieGoGo is that you're not just asking for a handout. In addition, you have the unique opportunity to provide donors with something in return. On this particular site, those little gifts are called "incentives." Get as creative as you can with these incentives in order to draw more potential donors. In some cases, fundraisers have given away things like t-shirts. In other cases, they give away a producer credit on a video they are going to release. The most creative fundraisers have set up their campaigns in such a way that a person donating a large amount of money gets to actually interact with the organization in some way. The more you can involve your donors in the process, the more success you will have with your fundraising campaign.

Don't Depend On IndieGoGo To Promote Your Campaign

IndieGoGo provides the platform for you to use in raising money. They have a searchable interface where potential donors can find you. The site will even take some steps to promote what you are doing. You shouldn't be relying solely on IndieGoGo to promote your cause, though. The hard work will come through spreading the word on social media sites, in emails, and through the branches of your professional network. Ultimately it is email that brings in the most donations on a typical IndieGoGo campaign. The site reports that just less than a fourth of donations come as a result of someone clicking on a social media share. You should come up with a way to promote your campaign, taking some of the pressure off of IndieGoGo.

Passion And Participation Are The Two Keys

When trying to raise money on a site of this nature, your primary goal is to let your passion shine through. People donating to your cause will have many options for spending their money. They could go out to a nice meal or contribute to a different organization. What attracts donors is the passion that you have for your cause. If you're creating a video, make sure that people know that you are excited about what's going on. Don't be afraid to brag about any results that you might have, and stay hopeful about the optimistic goals you hope to achieve. By doing so, you will have the best chance at attracting people who share your passion.