Free Stock Photo Sites

Free Stock Photo Sites
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Looking for stock photos for your website or blog? Look no further then our list of completely free stock photo and stock image websites.

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Find great stock photos is a chore, and having to pay for them through micro stock sites doesn't help. It's annoying to deal with that pesky money, or even worse, dealing with subscription and credit based systems. Blah, who needs it?

Oh sure, there is which is an excellent image resource. Flickr is nice simply because it has one of the largest libraries around. They also let you filter your results by image license so you can find free images. But Flickr deals with different variations of "free" and requires image attribution. I'm not against attribution, the process of giving the author / artist / photographer credit for their work, but sometimes it's hard to do that. For example, when posting on social media I don't want to add any text or links that aren't necessary.

So what we want are truly free stock photos. Stock images that are released under a Creative Commons Zero license are considered Public Domain. That means they're free to use (virtually) however you want without any cost and without having to give any image attribution.

So here's our complete list of websites that offer free stock photos for your website, blog, or other project. You'll want to bookmark this page and come back often.

This is my new favorite. The library is far smaller than Flickr but still quite large. Many are very high quality as well. No attribution is required but they do accept donations. Their search works very well so I always start here.

Another site offering Creative Commons 0 (public domain) images for your use. They add 20 new images each week and most are very high quality. The library here is fairly small so often hard to find something specific. They offer search but it's very basic.

Sure, they have a terrible domain name but they offer a large variety of public domain (CC0) images. Very easy to use, no attribution required. Quality is hit or miss but I often find very good stuff in here. Pretty decent search system that oftens finds what I need.

High quality public domain images (CC0). You can browse by category but there is no search option. Great quality photos but a small library overall.

Very high quality photos here but a fairly limited selection. All are public domain (CC0) and they have a basic search system.

This site mixes priced and free photos. Very high quality options here and their search engine allows you to filter to show only free images. The problem is that the free image library isn't all that large.

They offer a basic search option but their site often seems slow for me (maybe because the results page shows huge images). The biggest issue here is just a lack of content, making it hard to find something specific. But if they have what you are looking for it will likely be good stuff.

This site works well and has a decent search system. They claim to add hundreds of images weekly as well. Not the largest selection but pretty good overall.

NOTE: In all cases, be sure to always read the legalese on the website where you download an image. We do our best to keep this list updated but it's possible terms could change on a site we listed here. Besides, we're not lawyers and we're not offering you legal advice.