Golf Car Side Mirror Installation

Golf Car Side Mirror Installation
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How to install a side view mirror on a golf cart, utility vehicle, or similar low speed vehicle.

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Got a golf golf cart or utility vehicle that needs a side view mirror? Follow along as I show you how easy it is to add a side view mirrors to your low speed vehicle.

In my case, I purchased the Cipa 01140 Golf Cart Side Mount Mirror from (affiliate link). The main reason was the decent price and the fact that it wouldn't require any drilling. This particular mirror clamps onto the vertical poles that hold up the golf cart sunscreen and windshield.

Of course, the mistake I made was not realizing that the vertical poles where this mirror would mount were larger than the Cipa mirror could clamp onto. So now what, return it for a better solution? Nah, make it work!

Step 1: Drill

Okay, so I couldn't use the "no drill" clamp that came with my mirror kit but all is not lost here. Instead, I just needed to drill two holes through the metal bracket that were large enough to allow a couple of self tapping metal screws (affiliate link) through. You can find these screws at any hardware store.

I then held up the bracket where I wanted it on my cart and screwed it into the metal pole using the self tapping screws. The clamp that will hold the mirror is now secure.

A quick note on mirror location. Putting the mirror right at eye level may seem like a logical position, but I found that moving it either higher or lower than your head was actually better. Putting at the mirror right at eye level actually means that the mirror will now be blocking a good portion of your forward view. So test out a few positions to find what works best for you.

Step 2: Mount Mirror

Next up is to mount the mirror which is very easy to do. It attaches on a ball mount to the bracket you just installed. That ball mount allows you to snug up the bolt that holds it into place but still lets you move the mirror around so you can adjust it as needed.

Step 3: Final Adjustment

That's it, your done. Hop in your vehicle and adjust the mirror to your desired position. Your golf cart is now safer and you can better avoid things while backing up and see what's speeding up behind you while you drive around.