Lost Car? Hold Keys To Head. Really!

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Learn how to extend the range of your car's remote key fob just by using your body.

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File this one in the department-of-the-strange. Ever lost your car in a parking lot (or a car park as those crazy Brit's call it)? You walk around clicking the unlock button on your key fob hoping to hear a beep or see your lights flashing, but it's lost.

Next time try holding your key fob up to your head (forehead, side of your head, or even chin) and then press the unlock button. Doing this can extend the range of your key fob transmitter. For real!

I was skeptical too but found I could get another 60-75 feet of range when doing this. Neat! Others have reported increases in the 50-100 foot range as well.

Why does this work? The simple answer is that it turns your head into an antenna by capacitively coupling your head to the fob. Your head is full of fluid and that fluid is a conductor.

It's completely real, just try it. Of course, it only gives you an extra 100 feet or so at most which isn't all that much but maybe it will help. What it won't help is your image as you'll look like a tool doing this. The better bet is to just snap a photo of where you parked, with some frame of reference in the shot, if you plan on leaving it for a while.